Through the Looking Glass

So here's a rare event - university made me take loads of landscapes this year (which I'm just glad I survived, I actually cried while I was taking some of the pictures). If I can sometimes like landscapes of nature, I just can't deal with urban ones at all, there's just nothing interesting I see here, cities are ugly. 
That being said, I did enjoy this dreamy project (it was actually my last, so I guess by then I just was more in peace with the idea that there's no way around taking the landscapes if I want to pass the year) and just had more fun with it, approaching it in a more similar way to how I shoot my fashion stories and showing it as someone's dream, a hallucination.
I followed Alice and I can't get out.
And now another project, landscapes with a bit more haunting atmosphere taken in Highgate
This was one of the most random scenes I encountered. WHAT IS THAT ANIMAL, anyone? We came to the conclusion that it's a reindeer, since it was around Christmas. Highgate Sociaty is sure an interesting one.

my bones are branches of a poison tree

Model and make up: Beth Strong
Props made by me.
This shoot is like going back to my roots (goth forever haha) and what feels more personal, and what hurts more, but I can't take pictures of flowers and magic every time. I made a mix tape on 8tracks for the shoot, it works better if you listen to it while looking at the pictures.
I think we shot it back in January (aaages ago), it also has a funny (or scary) story connected to it - before shooting me and Beth talked a lot about American Horror Story (which influenced this a bit) and listened to creepy music to get us into the mood and it probably lasted for like an hour at which time I finally went back to the first floor because suddenly it felt really chilly in the house. I thought that I left the door to the yard opened, but it was closed and it still was so cold and even windy inside. And then I turned around and I saw that the front door that leads straight into the street was wide open. It was really weird, because it probably was like that for the whole time we were upstairs and I actually passed through it and didn't notice anything before, it's also the first time it ever happened in this house. Well as Sister Jude said: "If you look in the face of evil, evil's gonna look right back at you."

My bones are branches of a poison tree
where ravens weave their restless sleep
and dream into us the darkness
that burns the blood-lust demons that are tearing us apart
I'm not playing hide and seek,
free the darkness, cold mistress, possessed by shadows
 This one is not my idea, just an experiment for university project. Want to do more of stuff like this in the future though.
I adore darkness so much, that I spend hours with curtains down and lights turned off. And with my eyes closed, because it's never dark enough. I sit in the darkness, until I absorb it and it devours me whole, consumes me and digests me in it's warm stomach. I feel energies and power of the whole world pulsing through me. I become the dark. I am the poison of the night, I feed on the nightmares and only grow stronger. I curse the lands and I swallow the light, I bathe in death and death is what I'll bring to you.

I Cried a River Over You

 New story out in Haunt magazine 
Model: Sophie Young @ Storm
Make up and hair: Gailė Juknytė
Styling and photography by me.
Clothing: Sugar and Style

Thank you to Auste and Nhuc. 
Isn't Sophie absolutely gorgeous? She just moved to London from Australia and I think she's going to do really great here. 

crying pearls until they turn into rivers
and flowers fill my lungs
burying me alive

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