darkness clots the blood

 don't look, don't breath, don't even sigh, you try to ignore the darkness, it still rips it all apart.
"beneath the stains of time
the feelings disappear"

a short shoot I did in April for my uni project
Model is Gabija Urnieziute

it's not a secret you should keep

 Model: Laura B @ First
Make up: Laura Naish
Stylist: Nhuc Tran
for China Doll Boutique

 A shoot we did back in February with a lovely team. Loved the model so much, she's really funny, will post some behind the scenes on my facebook page later. :}
It's always a pleasure to work with China Doll Boutique, love all the clothes, so go go and shop!

moon kissed sister, spill your glitter

Model: Ruta Emilija Zeromskaite 
She's a sister of Ieva, the blond model I used a lot before (from the shoot with the boat in the hair for example), but I didn't know that when I contacted her. A small world (or country ;D) indeed.
Short shoot from April that I did for uni 

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