air bloomed where your breath has travelled

 Model: Olla G
Make up and hair: Ruth Campbell
Stylist: Dario Bentivegna

Shoot from November, featured in "So vain" Italian magazine

The Photographer's Picnic

So on the 5th of May we had the long-awaited meet-up of photographers in the Hyde park, which was organized by Kitty Gallannaugh (who unfortunately could not attend :/ ). I was so excited for it and I was definitely right to be, because it was just incredibly nice and inspiring to meet all these talented young people.
I was really worried, because the weather was predicted to be rainy and it really did rain a bit in the beginning, but we still sat in the cold, made the picnic happen and it was worth it.
Katie made some RAINBOOOOW cupcakes and they looked amazing and were delicious
And this is Nicolette, spinning as she's having a smoke

Katie's lovely ring, she's filming a video for Kitty

After a while we got cold so we decided to move to a coffee shop to warm up.

After a few hours inside the weather actually got really nice, so we went back to the park and took loads of pictures.

group hug 

Group shot by Cat Lane 

Group shot by Ella Ruth 
 And all the cameras, taken by Thomas Cole Simmonds

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