taking the hobbits to Isengard

So when spring suddenly came to London for a few days in January (it was so warm and lovely!) me and Tasha went to Hampstead Heath to explore and take pictures. She changed her hair again and I absolutely love it. She's studying photography with me and we also live in the same halls.
me and Tasha
lovely deers 
Tasha also took some pictures of me, I'm trying to get over my camera phobia.

 by the way, this is the reason for the title, when we walked around, Tasha said "‎'I feel like I'm on my way to Isengard or some shit'' and then we talked about the song and if it's possible to get through ten hours of it
on our way to a pub in Camden.

The Girl Who Played With Fire

my name is hidden, under moss and vines, concealed;
you should never dig the unknown soil.
I remember, I remember you all now
"you witch, you shadow creeper, you left a crack and we see your decayed soul"
you fear my shadows, when in my world light hurts more

bones getting stiff, the blood flow
fingertips crack with horrible tingle
flames infect those wounds, cold fire numbing what's left
you might have disrupted my heart
but when I have nightmares, they're beautiful
Model, make up: Toni Marie Power

Originally done for my university's Digital Project, theme was "Dreams and Reality".
Inspired by Stephen King's stories "Carrie" and "Firestarter".
Toni also took a picture of me with some direction

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