Romuva 2011

In the begining of August I went to Romuva, Baltic religion and culture camp for the fifth time.
It's always the most magical time of the summer, all the old folk songs, brilliant people and atmosphere. I will definitely go back there again next year. :}

Adele has an animal scull in her hands. It was raining everyday, but rain was magical too

your garden blooms in sparkles

Model: Varūna Marcinkevičiūtė
Photography, edit by me.
Third part of "The Dreamers: State of Mind"

I will walk with my shadow flag into your garden
you water your curiosity until you feel sparkles,
and your knowledge grows


Rock Nights 2011

I've been to "Rock Nights" on August 5-6 and it was so so much fun. The weather was absolutely perfect and I got to see "Guano Apes" and "Pain".
In the picture above it's guys from a latvian band "Wildborn".
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