First part of my photo shoot with Maria. It was one of the longest, we were taking photos all the day. p.s. I graduated yesterday. :}} It's sooo strange...
Model, make up: Maria (we call her Cherry because of her last name. :}
Photography, edit by me.

alice in wonder

more outtakes from my shoot with Gerda and Mykolas. I really love the lights and colors in the photos inside the club. :}
I'm uploading a shoot with Maria next.

My Club

Something different from my usual work.
Models are Gerda and Mykolas.
Make up Gerda, styling by both of us.
I always hated flash, so this is my first time trying it out.

picnic after stress

these are from the nice picnic we had near my home. It was the same day we had our speeches (lithuanian language exam). I took photos with my mobile phone, it's just surprising that it's quality is similar to what my first photo camera had. :}
All of them modeled for me at least once. My last shoot was with Maria (she's on the left in all the photos), will upload the photos soon.
And tomorrow is my last exam, biology, and then, oh, then...

through my window and eyes

and it rained all day
through my window and eyes
gentle light and your footsteps
tapping down my spine

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sun of the elves, singing pt. 3

The last part from Ieva's photoshoot.
Make up, photography and edit by me.
If photos look kind of blurry, click on them to see them in full quality. They lose it, when I make them smaller here in blogspot.
Backstage later here or on facebook, I will leave a link.

And hey, tell me which ones you like the most (post a links), I want to put up a few more in flickr and deviantart.

we are magic, pt. 2

Second part of Ieva's photoshoot.
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